A New Chapter...

2020 what a nightmare year on multiple fronts for so many. As the hospitality industry bears a heavy burden from closings and disruptions, the toll we witnessed this pandemic took on friends, colleagues, and business associates has been devastating. We experienced heartbreak and sadness as we hear of favorite people and places uprooted, furloughed, jobs lost and businesses closed forever…. It’s hard to watch anyone be forced to give up on a dream for reasons that are not their own. Working for a large corporation I thought I was one of the lucky ones, I thought I was safe.

And then bam – I was informed September 9th my corporate position as meeting and event planner was eliminated. I won’t deny I went thru every stage of grief - and quickly resolved this is the opportune time to brush off my entrepreneurial spirit and start anew. After a bruising start to the year, I vowed we will end 2020 on a high note - a reset, a recharge and are reminded daily of why I work so hard…because I love what I do. It’s simply serendipitous, I took a devastating situation and used it to fuel our next endeavor…Creating CITE GLOBAL!

CITE Global is my answer to executing and living my passion. I am a self-proclaimed hotel snob who loves discovering untapped spaces, staying in posh places that ignite my spirit. I am an admirer of art, beautiful design and clever decor and love gathering people for surprise and delight moments. My background in entertainment, meeting and events I live for “experiences” - those awe-inspiring “wow” elements - big and small. It’s in the joy of watching people arrive and their mouths agape in awe at the beauty and unique charm of a venue I sourced is what I strive for. It's the emotions a face-to-face meeting creates - warmth, community, friends-forever, shared memories, and more solid relationships be it a business-oriented or a friend-based outing that creates our success. It's encouraging real conversations and connections that cannot be sustained or even built online. We have all realized especially this past year – it’s the human connection that we crave, we need and we honor. My diverse experience and is where I honed my skills and knowledge that every detail matters and to always be mindful the value that an amazing guest experience is paramount. It's with these beliefs and passions that I launch CITE Global.

I know it won’t be an easy task to launch a sourcing, meeting and event firm in such dubious times. Yet I BELIEVE in myself and my company. I believe in experience, talent, industry contacts and my friends- knowing together we can and we will prosper.

Contact us at for assistance with hotel and venue sourcing or a meeting or event that could use some CITE magic!

CITE Global is ready!

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